Plan A Ceremony

Kerr Mortuary has been helping to arrange tasteful, respectful ceremonies for over a century, and we’re here to lend our services to you.

Though no two people are alike in the type of tribute ceremony they wish for, nearly all people want to honor their loved ones in some way. A ceremony can be held in a church, outdoors at a burial proceeding, or in another location according to the wishes of the departed or their loved ones.

Planning a ceremony can be hard, especially if you aren’t sure of what steps to take. Kerr Mortuary can provide the truthful answers you need to make these important decisions.

Celebrating the Life of a Loved One

A ceremony is more than just an event – it’s a loving tribute that can memorialize a person’s life and highlight the legacy they leave behind. Are their certain aspects of a person’s life which you believe deserve special recognition? A ceremony can be the perfect solution.

There are numerous factors which can make a ceremony unique, including:

  • Location

  • Music

  • Flowers and other decorations

  • Visitation

  • Digital memorials

If a person expresses specific wishes about the type of ceremony they’d like, making the arrangements is much easier. However, if a person did not express details about the type of ceremony they would like to honor their memory, this decision is left up to the family. Let our team help you plan a ceremony that will best celebrate the life of your loved.