Every person has a different life story. Their personal preferences and decisions are different, as is the impact they have on those around them. When a person passes away, a memorial is often created in order to honor them and help their loved ones remember the positive influence the person had over the course of their life.

Kerr Mortuary has been helping to celebrate life for over a decade. Our commitment to ensuring that loving memorials are created according to the wishes of a departed individual or their loved ones can help make difficult times of loss a bit easier to manage.

Whether a traditional memorial in the cemetery or a digital option is requested, we can help make sure these memorials are created according to the wishes of the departed and their loved ones. 

A Commitment to Celebrating Life

Celebrating a person’s life is often done as a way to honor their memory and ensure that their legacy lives on. Whether simple or elaborate in nature, it is fitting that a unique individual would have a unique memorial.

When you’re looking to make sure that your loved one gets honored according to specific wishes, Kerr Mortuary can be of assistance. We understand that times of loss can be difficult to manage, but we are committed to ensuring that your loved one gets the respectful memorial they deserve in accordance with their wishes and yours. 

Traditional Memorials at the Cemetery

Many people choose to pay tribute to their loved one with a unique memorial or marker at a cemetery. An individual’s final resting place may be visited by loved ones who wish to pay their respects. This is why many choose to have a custom memorial created.

Options for traditional memorials can include:

Memorial Markers:

These memorials are one of the most common options available. They can be as simple or as elaborate as necessary and can help to decorate the individual’s final resting place.


These Above-ground Options Serve as an Alternative to Below-ground Burial. These Can Be Decorated or Personalized in Order to Meet the Wishes of You and Your Loved One.

Family Estates:

A memorial may also be set up at a burial side within a private family estate. In order to make sure that a loved one’s wishes are honored, Kerr Mortuary is dedicated to making sure that a memorial is created according to the person’s specific wishes. 

The Option for Digital Memorials

While a marker or monument at the cemetery has always been the traditional manner of honoring a loved one’s memory, many people also opt for digital memorials. These unique packages can help to commemorate a person’s life and their unique personality traits.

Digital memorials can consist of music, text, videos, and other media which provides information about the departed individual. Whether it was their occupation, their family, their personality, their hobbies, or any unique personal characteristics they had, a memorial can allow these traits to be preserved.

A digital memorial allows a loved one to be remembered at any time or location. It ensures that family and friends have something to remember the person by and allows their legacy to be remembered in a loving and respectful manner. While these tributes can help honor a person’s memory, they can also help their loved ones gain closure. Benefits include:

·       A perfect balance of affordability and sincerity

·       Ease of distribution to loved ones

·       More options for personalization

Digital memorials are a relatively new option, but this type of tribute is something that many people choose to honor their loved one.